Porting blog to Jekyll

Jekyll logo

Well, it’s been about a year a year since I started this blog, and I’ve finally got fed up with my idiosyncratic static site templating framework that uses the venerable m4.

I was working on building a better templating language, inspired by the one we use in Google to power the main Google search page, but doing that was preventing me actually writing any content for the blog.

So, for now I have abandoned my non-standard approach and have converted to using the Jekyll static site generator. So now eamonn.org is generated by Jekyll, though I have kept the old version alive with links to the old versions of the pages (because Cool URIs don't change).

For now I’m just using the bare-bones default theme, but I’m thinking of working on making the a little nicer.

And now that it’s easier for me to add content, maybe I’ll get around to adding old content such as my Medium articles.

Image attribution Tom Preston-Werner CC BY 4.0