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Projection of Sun showing transit of Venus

Transit of Venus

Not surprisingly, HP Labs has many astronomy geeks, and after photographing my own modest Venus image I came around the other side of the building to find a crowd had gathered around several large telescopes, including one that was projecting this dinner-plate sized image of the Sun on a borrowed whiteboard. In addition to Venus, note the sunspots in the bottom left.

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This is now a beta location new location for my blog. Once I sort out some remaining formatting issues on so of the old articles on the new location, I am going to retire the old location.

I finally decided that WordPress installation on a shared Dreamhost server was just too slow. So I made the leap to the Jekyll platform.

Instead of hacking around in WordPress’ PHP I can now customize my blog in Ruby and Coffeescript. And because the blog is statically served I am hosting it out of S3, giving much faster, scalable performance.

For those that care, you can see the source behind the blog, which started as a template by Kris Brown.

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uClassify – URL API Documentation

JavaScript code to make your website comply with the new EU Cookie Law.

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Feeling like JQuery is too bloated? Ender provides an alternative package-manager approach for assembling light-weight JavaScript libraries.

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Simple, clean pure-CSS tooltips