Video Gestalt – Now Installable via Pip

Thanks to Stephen, who joined me as a maintainer of the Video Gestalt project and added production-quality Python packaging, it is now even easier to use Video Gestalt if you have a Python installed.

From the command line, simply do

pip install --upgrade videogestalt

Then if you have some video file called kittens.mp4 you can create the gestalt video as a video file like so:

videogestalt -i kittens.mp4 -o gestaltkittens.mp4 --video

or as a gif file like so

videogestalt -i kittens.mp4 -o gestaltkittens.gif --gif

A command like this generated the example on the top of the page from from the classic 1977 Powers of 10 movie.

See the previous blog post Video Gestalt — One-Glance Overview of a Video for the background.