Show Upcoming Dangerous Heatwaves: A New Tool to Track Rising Risks


As the planet warms due to climate change, the threat of heat waves looms larger than ever. Extreme heat isn't just uncomfortable; it can be deadly, especially when combined with high humidity.

To help visualize this growing danger, I've created a new website: Dangerous Heatwaves

What Makes a Heat Wave Dangerous?

The site focuses on a key metric called the wet-bulb temperature. This isn't the temperature you see on the thermometer. Instead, it's the lowest temperature you can reach by evaporating water – a crucial concept for understanding how humans handle heat.

We cool down by sweating, a process that relies on evaporation. When the wet-bulb temperature gets too close to our body temperature, sweating becomes ineffective. That's when the risk of heatstroke and other heat-related illnesses skyrockets.

How the Site Works

The Dangerous Heatwaves site analyzes weather forecasts for locations around the world. It highlights the areas with the highest predicted wet-bulb temperatures in the coming days, giving you a real-time snapshot of where the risk of dangerous heat is greatest.

Why This Matters

Understanding wet-bulb temperature and its impact is essential for preparedness and planning. Whether you're concerned about your health, outdoor activities, or the well-being of vulnerable populations, this tool can help you stay informed and make smart decisions in the face of extreme heat.