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Where the freeway tentacles have withdrawn from San Francisco, originally uploaded by Tolka Rover.

San Francisco in 1991 showing the Embarkadero Skyway and several other stretches of elevated freeway that have since been torn down.

I love maps, and tend to be a bit of a pack rat. But today I decided that in this age of maps on phonea and GPS satnav devices there was no longer any justification in hanging on to the maps I uspreviouslyed kept in my car for navigation. So I tossed them all into the recycling bin.

But, before doing so I noticed this map from 1991, before I lived in San Francisco. It is interesting to see what has changed. In particular I noticed how there were three separate stretches of elevated freeway that are now torn down. In all three cases there are nice wide boulevards that are much more appealing for walking around than the shadowed underside of a looming highway structure.

Original map is (c) 1991 Thomas Bros Maps.