Next I went to the Eclipse downloads home to get the next vital piece of Java development kit. I just extracted the Linux archive file into a subdirectory of my home directory, navigated into that folder and executed it. It started up right away using the 1.4.2 GCJ Java SDK that comes with Ubuntu.

The next thing I added to Eclipse was subversion support. First I went to Window->Preferences->Install/Update in Eclipse to add the HTTP proxy for my corporate firewall. Then I followed the subeclipse instructions for downlading and installing from within Eclipse.

I also need CVS for some projects but for some reason I could not get that to work from within Eclipse even after I had installed the system CVS from the Ubuntu installer. So in the end I used the command-line CVS to check out my module and din an Import from within Eclipse to read it in.

I used Windows->Preferences->Java-Installed JREs to add my newly installed Sun JDK 1.5. Then I set the Java compiler level to 5.0 so that my code would compile OK.