Thanks to all the beta testers of the 0.2 release for your testing and reviews.

A much improved 0.3 version is now ready for installation from the Palm application web page.

Changes in 0.3:

  1. Display the photo title, which is also a hyperlink to the Flick photo page.

  2. Improve algorithm for selecting photographs to include closeness as well as interestingness, and to automatically adjust the radius of search depending on the density of nearby photos.

  3. Display a status message when communicating with Flickr so when you have a slow network connection you can tell what is happening.

  4. Display some dummy photos in case you have no network connection or if there are no photos within 32 km.

  5. Use photos to which I have copyright (my own) as the example photos and dummy photos.

  6. Fixed some bugs encountered when flicking through photos.

  7. Fixed some bugs accessing Flickr.

Please add any comments or questions below.

(Update: There is now an later release)