Welcome to Neumorphism

Old vs. new design for this blog

[Edit 2023-02-05 – this post is referring to a previous instantiation of this blog]

I just updated the visual design of this site to be a little more interesting than the default theme I had been using since I ported the site to Jekyll. I decided to tweak the CSS to get a neumorphic effect, which is similar to Material Design except instead of things floating above the surface they are indented into or stick above the surface.

It's pretty easy to get the effect with a CSS box-shadow, and thanks to @adam_giebl there's a handy online neumorphism generator to get you started.

I also decided to give this blog a name. “Yak Shavings” seems appropriate, since a lot of the technical things I write about here are the result of me happily going off on repeatedly nested tangents as I noodle on my side projects.

#tfr #fedi22