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Privacy as game theory (2023-02-23)

Trying to apply game theory to Internet privacy, leads to the conclusion that to get the trust of their users, a company should have both upper and lower bounds on how extensively they use user personal data.

Three Privacy Threat Models, and How to Mitigate (2023-02-11)

You can break down the data privacy threats into three layers: device, network, and servers.

Trust Experience (2021-06-01)

Announcing my new role tackling the most difficult problem of privacy: how to give an average user transparency and meaningful control of their data.

Hill-Shading the Mandelbrot Set (2021-01-29)

Mandelbrot images and videos I generated.

Covid Death Update (2020-07-12)

Back during the depths of Covid I wrote visualizations of the death rates, done completely in CSS with no JavaScript.

Making PP (2020-05-17)

Introducing passprint, my debugging tracing JavaScript utility that is convenient when coding in a functional style.

Bajel, A Simple, Flexible Build and Scripting Tool for NPM (2020-05-22)

Introducing Bajel, my Makefile-inspired build system for the JavaScript environment.

Smoothish library for smoothing time series data (2020-04-12)

Introducing Smoothish, my JavaScript data-smoothing library

Spaced Repetition Algorithm for a Flashcard App (2019-11-05)

I built a flashcard web app Kartoj to help learn languages using the spaced repetition algorithm.

Learning from Successful Democracy (2019-01-21)

Democracy in Ireland.

The Inverse Square Law of Bias (2018-12-31)

A mathematical model shows minority experience of bias relative to the majority experience goes up with the square of how underrepresented they are.

Will the technocratic elites suffer the same fate as 18c aristocrats and 19c capitalists? (2016-11-13)

Will resurgent religious fundamentalism and right-wing nationalism, together with the Internet revolution, kill off a world in which multinational corporations and a technocratic elite thrive among increasing inequality?

What’s Wrong With HP? (2016-11-07)

My opinion in what is wrong with HP that would spur its announced fission into two daughter companies.

Trimming the Empty Parts From The World Map (2016-01-25)

Maps of the world and individual countries, cutting out the sparsely inhabited areas.

The Dance of the Two Cultures (2013-09-01)

Personal reflections of humanities and technology in Ireland and San Francisco.

Privacy from Corporations is Privacy from the Government (2013-06-09)

My reaction to the Snowdon revelations of how much user data the US Government was tracking

Why don't I wear green on St. Patrick's day? (2013-04-28)

Reflections on Irishness

Generalized continuous compiling (like sbt or coffeescript) (2012-01-24)

Makefile executes whenever a file changes.

Checked Exceptions Considered Evil (2010-12-19)

Eschewing checked exceptions in Java

A New Irish Language Spelling System (2005-04-03)

More phonetic spelling of lengthened consonants.

Got a gmail account a few days ago (2004-06-29)

When GMail was launched.