From Cloud to Search

On Twitter yesterday I made a big announcement that Iā€™m moving to a new team within Google.

For most of my five years at the company I have been working on products for external developers, first for App Engine where I lead the memcache team, then for Firebase and Cloud where I worked on privacy, security rules, and serverless events.

But now I am about to move to the team responsible for the main Google Search user interface. This is a huge change. Iā€™m moving from infrastructure engineering to front-end engineering. And instead of building products for millions of developers, Iā€™m building products for billions of end-users.

And this seems like a good time to make yet another attempt to start writing a regular blog. Iā€™m going to start by eschewing the complexities of modern web development, using simple, plain handwritten HTML files. Now that Iā€™m a front-end developer again, I can practice my skills here.