Federating from WriteFreely to Mastodon

I'm writing this post in #WriteFreely a blogging platform that allows blogs to be followed and posts to be boosted on Mastodon.


Mastodon only handles plain text, so the examples below probably won't appear properly there.

WriteFreely allows for formatting such as

  1. italics
  2. bold
  3. lists like this
    • including
    • nested
    • lists
  4. headers like “Formatting” above
  5. console.log("inline code segments")

You can also block-quote text like this.

console.log("Or you can add code blocks")
console.log("like this.")


You can also embed images


and links to arbitrary pages.


WriteFreely posts can be arbitrarily long, as compared to Mastodon's limit of 500 characters.

Screenshot of the above post before expansion

Note, that the post is truncated so it is not longer than a typical Mastodon post. When you click the “Read more” it expands out to the following.

Screenshot of the above post after expansion

As expected, formatting like italics and bold are omitted, but the biggest loss is that embedded images are not shown.