Covid Death Update

States with highest per-capita Covid death rates

Some highlights from today's graphs of per-capita Covid death-rates:

  1. In the ranking of countries, Latin America is doing worst, taking up the top seven spots. The United States is not far behind in the middle of the pack, with the United Kingdom and Sweden not doing much better. The rest of Europe is now doing pretty well, which is quite a turnaround from earlier in the pandemic.
  2. In the US, looking at the ranking by state or by county shows what has been much reported in the news, that states which escaped the initial impact of the pandemic now have the highest ranking, lead by Arizona and Mississippi. But some of the states initially hit hard, particularly New Jersey are also seeing high death rates again. New York is now doing quite well, at the bottom of the ranking, but California, which had done well in the past is now climbing up worryingly out of the middle of the pack.
  3. In the ranking of California counties, Imperial county is still by far the worst affected, but this is off a very small population base. Of the counties with large populations there is a big divide between NorCal and SoCal, with the southern counties all in the high up in per-capita deaths and the Bay Area counties all low down.