Better Shell History

I remember it being transformational when about 10 year ago I upped my command-line game considerably by discovering that I could search through my shell history with Ctrl+R.

Now thanks to Atuin from I think there may be another quantum jump in my command-line productivity.

The same Ctrl+R now brings up a UI that looks like this: Screenshot of Atuin UI

It also has a live GitHub-like activity chart, which should update live as I continue to use the command line with Atuin enabled: a chart showing my command-line activity

Unsurprisingly, I learned that my most common command is git status.

I just installed it on my Linux laptop. I'll try installing it on a Chromebook too, and maybe on the Cloud server that runs this blog.


Edit 2023-02-20 I also succeeded in installing and syncing on two more machines: a Google Cloud compute server and a Chromebook. The steps for these subsequent machines were as follows:

First on the original machine run

atuin key

Keep this window open as you will need to copy-paste if into the login phase below.

On the new machine:

bash <(curl
atuin login
atuin import auto
atuin sync

The above worked fine on the Google Cloud compute server. However on the Chromeboook I had to run

sudo apt install build-essential

to install the compiler.

Also I had to run the

bash <(curl

at least twice, because the install script could not find any ready-build binaries and had to install some Rust infrastucture to build them.